Marc Hallworth of Vest of Friends: Celebrating sketch comedy in Toronto

I’m at Bloomer’s Café with the nicest man alive, Marc Hallworth! Marc, tell me about Vest of Friends! Vest of Friends is a podcast celebrating people from the Toronto sketch community. It’s a new guest every single week. Myself and my buddy, Morgan, who’s in Vest of Friends (sketch group) with me, will do a... Continue Reading →

The Ego Podcast: Dena Jackson on mental health in the comedy community

I’m with Dena Jackson, host of The Ego Podcast on the Sonar Network. Let’s do this! Tell me about your show. The Ego Podcast is a podcast about finding balance. That’s kind of a broad way to describe it, but, it’s aimed at anybody who is interested in finding some stability in their life, mostly for... Continue Reading →

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