The Ego Podcast: Dena Jackson on mental health in the comedy community

I’m with Dena Jackson, host of The Ego Podcast on the Sonar Network. Let’s do this! Tell me about your show. The Ego Podcast is a podcast about finding balance. That’s kind of a broad way to describe it, but, it’s aimed at anybody who is interested in finding some stability in their life, mostly for... Continue Reading →

Break A Wish: Maddox Campbell is the next best thing to an actual real life genie

Today I’m with Maddox Campbell and we’re at Fran’s Restaurant! Tell me about your podcast, Break A Wish. Sure! On Break A Wish, we take a magic wish that someone would want granted and then we try to come up with a balanced, ironic cost for it. The idea is that, even knowing the cost,... Continue Reading →

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