The Ego Podcast: Dena Jackson on mental health in the comedy community

I’m with Dena Jackson, host of The Ego Podcast on the Sonar Network. Let’s do this! Tell me about your show. The Ego Podcast is a podcast about finding balance. That’s kind of a broad way to describe it, but, it’s aimed at anybody who is interested in finding some stability in their life, mostly for... Continue Reading →

Killed To Death: Griffin Toplitsky and Steve Cooke solve murder mysteries

I’m with Griffin Toplitsky and Steve Cooke at Field Trip! Steve: Not the music festival Not the school trip to the zoo. Griffin: Not the coffee shop Steve: No, wait! Griffin: OH, it IS the coffee shop! You guys live around here, right? You’re roommates. Griffin: Yeah, we’re close. Ossington and Dupont. Our address is... Continue Reading →

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